Hovercraft for oil exploration

With the worlds resources becoming ever more scarce the search for oil and gas reserves are leading exploration companies into ever more remote and difficult terrain.

 Hov Pod Hovercraft are easy to transport, small search hovercraft that cope with a wide range of terrain, not possible with other forms of transport. Shallow water, sand, mud, swamp areas, ice, snow - hovercraft can operate in a wide variation of different locations, so are ideal for use for safety boats, exploration, oil pipe-line and power-line inspections. 

As the leading supplier of hovercraft to petrochemical and oil exploration companies the Hov Pod is ideal for this critical job.

We can ship hovercraft to any location, with up to 5 craft per container.

The craft is highly durable and able to meet the demands of these terrains yet very easy to drive, operate and service. 

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